fly catcher by cassie taggart

Tear open the warm belly of earth, plant a few seeds, or lay a bulb
and let’s see what human nature spews into the day,
or births sobbing into evening.

All it takes is a few minutes, and
seeds deprived of air and light,
then drowned and left below ground.

Only faintest warmth for comfort
in the cold hopeful bed
Ah Life, your garden reveals some awful secrets
and yields some Terrible Blooms.

This podcast's plays are all cast with actors and actresses from the diverse and talented Los Angeles theater community.


Paintings by Cassie Taggart


What Our Listeners Are Saying

  • “Strange and funny, and nice and dark. I love how all your characters just start confessing the deepest things to each other.”
  • “Lots of bizarre humor! Well worth a listen!”
  • “Spooky and sad and troubling.”
  • “The actors are superb!”
  • “These are beauties. So odd. So mysterious. So lonely. So Los Angeles.”
  • “I couldn't stop listening. The acting is crazy good—these characters really come to life.”
  • “A Buffet of Hauntingly Gorgeous Weirdness.”
  • “I feel like I’m cruising along on a dark funhouse ride.”
  • “Love the worlds you created. Reminds me of one of my all time heroes, the late great Joe Frank.”
  • "Grimy richness."
  • “This has really stayed with me. The soundscape of the playwright’s soul and the soul of Los Angeles is woven together throughout.”
  • "It’s wonderful to just bathe in the words.”
  • “Boy, do I need a Thorazine after your incredibly wild ride that you took me on.”
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